2018 Education Summit Speaker's Bios

Bios for 2018 Education Summit

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GBTA Virtual Payments Presentation

January 2016 meeting presentation

2016 Leadership Summit Presentation - Mimi Hull

2016 Leadership Summit Presentation - Mimi Hull

September Monthly Meeting Hager Presentation

Link to Paul Hager presentation

2017 November Monthly Meeting Links

Links that were shared during the 20107 November Monthly Meeting

2017 November Monthly Meeting - 2018 Key Groups

Groups that will be coming to the Twin Cities in 2018

2018 January Monthly Meeting - Scott Gillespie

The True Mission of Your Travel Program


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GBTA NCC PowerPoint Template

GBTA NCC Branded PowerPoint Deck for use at meetings

Education Day

2016 Education Summit Agenda

Education Summit Agenda

2016 Education Summit Speaker Bio's

Education Summit Speaker Bio's



Education Summit 2016 Presentations

Private Data Prying Eyes

Paul Hager's Security Presentation

GBTA Member Updates - Education Summit 2016

Patrick Algyer's presentation

ECPAT USA - Human Trafficking

How Travel Buyers and Suppliers can help end Human Trafficing

ECPATUSA Presentation - Sarah Porter

Human Trafficking Presentation

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2014 Agenda

Education Day Agenda 2014

2014 Education Summit Steinke

Phat Data by Jennifer Steinke

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2018 Scholarship Letter

Letter announcing the opening of the Scholarship process with the amount of funds available for scholarships

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2016 Holiday Gala Donation Form

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