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President's Report

President's Report
Written by Bernie Fautch

I want to start out by thanking the Board of Director members who have served our chapter and whose terms now ended on the board.

Lori Reid has led our Chapter admirably. She not only helped strengthen our Chapter, but she continues to work with the Technology committee. She has helped me transition into the President’s role with wise counsel! Thank you so much, Lori!

Laurie Sadowski spent several years on the Board in numerous capacities. Her last role was as Board Liaison for Programs. As you know, she has delivered a varied and informatively diversified group of meetings. Her input has helped our Chapter grow in numbers. She has also helped all of us gain knowledge in our industry. 

Morgan Cook was charged with leading our Government Relations committee. Year after year, we have exceeded expectations for the Chapter Challenge, putting our chapter at the forefront nationally. Thank you to all three of these outstanding individuals for making our Chapter better!

Moving into 2017 we have a group of individuals leading our Chapter in a forward direction. You can expect great speakers and content. Our Educational Summit will be amazing! Don’t miss it. We continue to grow in numbers due to the offerings of our Chapter. People working in the travel industry understand that the cost of membership is a small price to pay for what they receive in return.

We can always use more volunteers. It is a great way to get involved, meet other people in the industry. All of the team members leading your Chapter are dedicated individuals who wish for nothing but the best for all of us. We are truly lucky to have these talented people working to bring you the best content and opportunities. Thank you to all who have gotten involved, it is what makes our Chapter one of the best in the nation.

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Breaking News

Minnesotans: Tell Your State Reps to Support H.F.3/S.F. 166 and Get REAL ID Compliant!

GBTA North Central is partnering with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) to encourage everyone in the state to reach out and take action with regard to Real ID. The issue is Real! Please click link the below (redirecting to the ASTA website) where pre-populated text is available for you to simply submit the form and help bring this issue to the attention of your representatives!

In January 2018, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will begin implementing the final phase of the so-called REAL ID Act, which sets standards for state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards acceptable by federal agencies for official purposes. On January 22, 2018, residents of "non-compliant" states will no longer be allowed to present state-issued driver's licenses as identification for air travel, but instead will be required to present alternative forms of identification such as a U.S. Passport. Not being able to use a driver's license to board an airplane for domestic travel could prove extremely disruptive to these states' residents and the broader travel and tourism industry.

The Minnesota's House of Representatives is currently considering H.F. 3, while the Senate is considering its companion bill S.F.166, which would implement the requirements of the federal REAL ID Act and bring Minnesota into compliance. The Senate Judiciary Committee will meet tomorrow, February 7, 2017, at 1:00 pm, so please write to your House representatives TODAY, to get them to vote YES on becoming Real ID compliant.

Please click here and submit the form to ask your legislators to support H.F.3/S.F 166.

Thank you, in advance!

GBTA North Central
Gina Zappa, Secretary and Board Liaison
Political Advocacy Committee (PAC)

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Meeting Recap

GBTA North Central – January Meeting Recap  
Written by Valerie Barnes  

Cassie Weness, RD, LD, with Nutritional Weight and Wellness presented on Staying Healthy When You Travel.  The right nutrition, lifestyle and supplements can help you feel better when you travel.  Cassie started by providing the most common travel problems related to digestive, sleep and the immune system and the nutritional solutions for each. 

To avoid heartburn, gas or bloating, Cassie recommended avoiding fast or processed food that spike blood sugars and instead choose real food that grows on trees or in a garden or is raised on a farm.  Whole fruit with nuts that contain healthy fats will stabilize blood sugar levels and calm your digestive system.

If you need something extra to prevent heartburn, Acidophilus is the recommended supplement and most popular probiotic.  Probiotics are the “good bugs” found in your stomach that balance pH levels. 

Constipation is another common digestive problem that occurs among 56% of travelers.  It can be avoided by drinking 12 glasses of water a day, choosing fruits and vegetables and staying away from milk, cheese, crackers, bananas and too many nuts to name a few.  The recommended supplement is Mixed Magnesium.

If you have the opposite problem and get diarrhea on the road, stay away from unsafe tap water and ice cubes in foreign countries.  Also, avoid fresh vegetables and fruits that might have been washed with tap water.  Bifidio Balance is a supplement that will keep your intestinal tract in balance if you need an extra boost.

A good night sleep is important when you travel and less than 8 hours a night can slow your metabolism.  Less than 6 hours a night can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death.

Cassie suggested a few tips to fall asleep more easily.  These should begin at least 15 minutes before bedtime and could include deep breathing, relaxing music, a warm bath or stretching.  She also shared some steps for better sleep that include limiting caffeine and alcohol, eating a balanced snack before bedtime, and taking a supplement if all else fails. 

Melatonin is great for jet lag and NeuroCalm aids in falling and staying asleep.  Magnesium Glycinate helps most people and is the one to try first.  5-HTP can reduce chatter in the brain that will aid in staying asleep.

Another common problem among travelers is keeping your immune system healthy.  Cassie explained that the first tip is to stay away from high sugar foods.  Sugar reduces the immune function when it slows the phagocyte activity, a key component of blood cells that eat bad germs.

She also shared that alcohol suppresses the immune system and can dry out sinus tissues that can lead to sinus pain.  You should start your day with an immune-building breakfast that includes three components to stay healthy.  They are animal protein, healthy fat and healthy carbohydrates.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient to keep the immune system healthy.  Cassie suggested the supplement D3 which is the most absorbable.  Vitamin C protects from colds and viruses and can be found in many fruits and vegetables.

Cassie ended the presentation with a few ideas of healthy foods that can be brought through airport security.  Beef sticks, fresh fruit, olives, jerky, protein bars and nut butter packets smaller than 3.4 ounces are just a few. 

Questions about this meeting or topic can be directed to the newsletter committee.

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Industry News

TSA announces reduction in TSA PreCheck® eligibility
TSA announced that beginning in early February, it will significantly reduce access to TSA PreCheck® expedited screening lanes for travelers who have not enrolled in a Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler program to obtain a Known Traveler Number. The revision aims to enhance security by allowing TSA to focus more attention on higher-risk passengers and those it knows less about.

TSA strongly recommends that travelers who make at least three round trips per year enroll in a DHS Trusted Traveler program, such as the TSA PreCheck® Application Program or Global Entry, to obtain access to expedited screening when going through airport security.

To apply for TSA PreCheck®, click here. Enrollment costs $85 and is valid for five years. For a comparison of all Trusted Traveler programs, click here.

To offer customers greater convenience when applying for TSA PreCheck® status, there are enrollment centers at most airports. Details for these centers, current opening hours and additional locations can be found here. Walk-ins are accepted but appointments are highly encouraged, where available.

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Holiday Gala & Scholarship Fundraiser

Holiday Gala and Silent Auction
Written by Jan Shoemaker and Leslie Ingiald

The Holiday Gala and Silent Auction was held on December 1, 2016 at The Westin Edina Galleria sponsored by Travel One, Inc. Over 100 people attended and shared in the Holiday Rock n’ Roll theme. Many did not disappoint and joined in with their finest Rock’n outfit. Valerie Barnes and Willy Gibson took home the best Rock’n outfit award. The Wall-of-Wine was back by popular demand and was a great success. The proceeds raised money for the scholarship fund.

Thank you for all that contributed to the Pinky Swear Foundation during the Holiday Gala. All of the food and donations have been weighed! 641 pounds of food and $235 was raised for the Pinky Swear Foundation Pantry to help kids with cancer and their families. The foundation provides basic needs, support and unique family programs.

Thank you to all of those who donated items and bid on them during the silent auction. Proceeds will fund scholarships to support the professional advancement/development of North Central members. We strive to support the pursuit of professional certification through the Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) programs and educational offerings. Thanking you for all of your support, it was a great evening of fun, food, and most of all the people. We are already looking forward to the 2017 Holiday Gala and Silent Auction. Not too early to start thinking of your donation.

Thank you to our sponsor, Travel One, Inc.
Holiday Gala Bernie with Travel One team
Thank you to the planning committees.

Special Events
Mary Cole – Travel One
Ryan Comstock – The Westin Edina Galleria and Sheraton Bloomington Hotel
Jae Dewald – Hyatt Place Minneapolis Downtown
Mary Hustad – Delta Air Lines
Kathryn Laulainen – Hyatt Regency Bloomington
Donita Matthews – SpringHill Suites Minneapolis West
Laura McCray – Embassy Suites Bloomington
Jan Shoemaker – Land O'Lakes
Nina Steiner – Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Silent Auction Committee
Kathi Hanson – CWT Meetings & Events
Leslie Ingiald – Grand Hotel Minneapolis
Jeremy Schmitz – UnitedHealth Group
Toni Denardo – Frosch

Special Events Committee
(left to right, Donita Matthews, Mary Cole, Nina Steiner, Jae Dewald, Mary Hustad, Jan Shoemaker, Laura McCray, Kathryn Laulainen)

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Member Profile - Direct

Submitted by Hazel Vokral
Name:  Audrey Langlois, CMP, CMM
Title: Manager, Meetings & Travel
Company: Buffalo Wild Wings

Gelco Travel – Ask Mr. Foster – Carlson Travel Network – Carlson Wagonlit Travel – Carlson Marketing Group – Gage Marketing Group – University of Minnesota – Land O’Lakes, Inc. – BI Worldwide – Nexstar Network – Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. 

Travel Industry / GBTA North Central Chapter Specific:
What made you decide to work in travel? I knew at a very young age I wanted to work in travel; however, when I was informed I was too short to be a flight attendant – that dream died until I went to Gelco Travel Academy, and started working as a corporate travel agent and as they say the rest is herstory.

Why did you join the GBTA North Central Chapter? Network with travel managers, benchmark policies/best practices and improve supplier partnerships.

Are you currently on a committee/board within our chapter? Not at this time.

How long have you been a member of our organization? Joined GBTA North Central Chapter in October 2016.

What are the biggest changes you’ve experienced in regard to working with travel? Too numerous to mention – my top two: OBT and duty of care (TSA, global risk/security).

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with travel? Traveling, experiencing different cultures, meeting people and the ever-changing environment.

Just for fun:
What is currently occupying your personal life? Life/work balance.

If you had to live somewhere other than Minnesota, where would you move to? PDX, YUL, YQB

Most memorable experience in your life: A trip to Portugal.

Favorite trip you’ve taken: Someplace where I haven’t been to yet.

Favorite food: Middle Eastern, Italian, American

Where do you live / marital status: Own a home in Northeast Mpls.

Favorite pastime hobby or leisure activity: Golfing, gardening, traveling, food & wine

Favorite sport: Minnesota sports (Twins, Lynx, Wild, Vikings and Gophers)

Favorite color: Purple/Lavender

Favorite drink: Tab (yes they still make it), Malbec and a full body Cabernet Sauvignon 

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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember

The GBTA North Central Chapter typically meets on the second Thursday of every month.  Here is the upcoming schedule of events:

Event   Date Time Location

Monthly Meeting

Keynote: Bill Kerr, TCG Consulting 
A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Approach

Thursday, February 9 11:00 am to 1:30 pm Radisson Blu, Mall of America

Monthly Meeting 

Keynote: Randy Dean, Randal Dean Consulting
A Dynamic Session on Effective Email Management Taming the Email Beast

March 9
11:00 am to 1:30 pm Crowne Plaza AIR

Monthly Meeting

Keynote: Bryan Rycks and Cliff Van Leurean 
State of MSP

April 6
11:00 am to 1:30 pm MSP Airport

Education Summit

Keynote:  Joe Schmit presented by Elan Speaker Agency
Award winning broadcaster and author Joe Schmit will be our keynote speaker and several other educational sessions are planned.

May 11
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Embassy Suites Minneapolis Downtown

Monthly Meeting

Keynote: Paul Hager
Future Tech: Looking at the next wave of technology & how it will change our world

Thursday, September 14 11:00 am to 1:30 pm Hewing Hotel
Monthly Meeting Thursday, October 12 11:00 am to 1:30 pm Millennium Hotel Minneapolis
Monthly Meeting Thursday, November 9 11:00 am to 1:30 pm The Landing Hotel


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Committee Updates

Chapter Development – Membership
Written By Ryan Comstock

We are continuing our Refer a Direct Member promotion. Anyone that refers a direct member in 2017 will be entered for a chance to win a $50 gift card. A drawing will be held at Education Summit and at our Annual Holiday Gala.

If anyone is interested in joining the Membership Committee and becoming a Committee Chair, please contact Ryan Comstock at

Looking forward to a great 2017!


Marketing & Communications (PR, Social Media & Newsletter) Committee
Written By Valerie Barnes

To kick off 2017, we have combined the Marketing (PR and Social Media) committee with the Newsletter committee to create the Marketing and Communications committee.  We are looking for new volunteers who are interested in joining our committee to help spread the word about the great educational and networking opportunities the GBTA-North Central Chapter affords our members.  Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter @gbtancc, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest


Government Relations 
Written By Gina Zappa

I am pleased to be the 2017 Board Liaison for the Government Relations for GBTA North Central. The Government Relations Committee work to give member opportunities to get involved in issues that affect business travel through the Legislative Action Center, bring the collective voice of business travel to Washington by lobbying on members' behalf, and facilitate the Business Travel Political Action Committee (PAC) in conjunction with GBTA.  

I'm awaiting details on what our 2017 PAC Chapter Challenge will be, but anticipating it to look a lot like last year. More information will be provided at the February meeting.

Registration is now open to attend the 15th annual GBTA Legislative Summit from April 24-26 in Washington D.C. Anyone interested in attending (at your own expense) can contact me ( for more information - including specifics on how to register.  GBTA's annual Legislative Summit is a unique opportunity to learn more about GBTA and help make your voice heard on government affairs.

I'm sure you're aware, this is a very interesting time for our state, since Minnesota is one of the few states that is not in compliance with the Real-ID act. GBTA North Central will continue to follow this issue closely and be in touch with details on how you can help engage with our state representatives so traveling isn't a nightmare for Minnesota residents when the 2018 Real-ID act goes into effect, in early 2018.


Education Summit
Written By Bonnie Christensen

Our GBTA-North Central Chapter annual Education Summit will be on Thursday, May 11th at the new Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. We’re excited to announce that local award-winning broadcaster and author Joe Schmit will be our keynote speaker and several other educational sessions are planned.

Be sure to save the date for this engaging event and watch for early bird registration announcements in March. 


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Advertise with GBTA - North Central Chapter

Please consider advertising with GBTA North Central Chapter...
Written by Leslie Ingiald

GBTA North Central Chapter is among the top business travel associations in the United States and is a chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). GBTA - North Central Chapter members represent corporations that influence in excess of $200 million dollars in annual travel spend.

GBTA North Central Chapter's newsletter, The Travel Times, is published five times per year with distribution to over 200 of the most important contacts in the business travel industry. GBTA North Central Chapter provides the opportunity to reach these influential travel professionals by marketing your products and services through advertising in The Travel Times.

Purchase your advertising online (click here) --- once confirmed, be sure to e-mail your ad and/or logo to Leslie Ingiald.

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