Government Relations Committee

What's happening on Capitol Hill affects you! 

2020 Chapter Challenge: New Decade - New Challenge!

To achieve Partner Status, Chapters must complete the following criteria:

  • Chapters must Invite an elected official to speak at a meeting or host a GBTA government relations focused meeting with a representative from GBTA

  • 40% of our members must send an email to their elected official(s)

  • Chapters must send GBTA endorsed letter to its areas Members of Congress

  • 30% or more of members must make a donation to the GBTA PAC

  • Donations must average $7.50 or more per total members in the Chapter


About the Government Relations Committee

GBTA North Central Chapter's Government Relations Committee in conjunction with GBTA, brings the collective voice of business travel to Washington.

The objectives of the Government Relations committee are to:

1. Give members opportunities to get involved in issues that affect business travel through the Legislative Action Center.

2. Bring the collective voice of business travel to Washington by lobbying on members' behalf, and

3. Facilitate the Business Travel Political Action Committee (PAC) in conjunction with GBTA

Business travel accounts for a significant portion of the travel industry, one of the most important segments of the American economy, which employs one in every seven workers. Travel plays an integral role in the success of American businesses in every industry. GBTA North Central Chapter's/GBTA members contribute heavily to that success, directing more than $170 billion in travel & entertainment expenses each year. Laws and policies that affect GBTA North Central Chapter's/GBTA members and their companies’ travelers have a real impact on American businesses and the economy.

In addition to lobbying on members’ behalf, GBTA North Central and GBTA gives members opportunities to get involved in issues that affect business travel.  For more details on GBTA’s advocacy and government relations, click here.

Board Liaison

Kari Bigot

Board Members

Martha Telander

Gina Zappa
Direct Travel, Inc.

Jaimie Anderson
AC Hotel Bloomington MOA