Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for the creation and publication of the “Travel Times,” the GBTA North Central Chapter's newsletter.  The Committee develops the newsletter’s editorial schedule, solicits updates from the other committees and chapter members, writes the articles, proofreads and edits all copy, takes photographs at meetings and events, and publishes the newsletter. 

The cut off dates for Travel Times updates, advertisements and other articles are listed below. Please submit all copy for upcoming issues of Travel Times to [email protected].

2021 Newsletter Schedule

Issue #1 (Jan/Feb) - Copy due January 11, 2021
Issue #2 (Mar/Apr) - Copy due March 22, 2021
Issue #3 (May/Jun) - Copy due May 24, 2021
Issue #4 (Sep/Oct) - Copy due September 20, 2021
Issue #5 (Nov/Dec) - Copy due November 22, 2021

Your cooperation in meeting these deadlines is important as it is critical to ensuring the Newsletter is delivered to our members on time. 

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For more information contact us: [email protected].

Board Liaison

Valerie Barnes
U.S. Bank

Committee Members