President's Award for Outstanding Achievement

Each year, the membership is asked to nominate who they believe showed outstanding contributions to the association. The President then chooses how many of those nominated will receive the award.

Without the contributions of the following individuals, we would not be where we are today.


2019  Heather Marigold
   Andy Chaussee
 2018 Bonnie Parlin
  Valerie Barnes
 2017 Ryan Comstock
  Leslie Ingiald
  Bonnie Christensen
 2016 Tom Akin
  Donita Matthews
  Michael Nelson
  Nina Steiner
2015 Hazel Vokral
  Jenny Hager
  Gina Zappa
  Mary Cole
2014 Mary Cole
  Jenny Heger
  Leslie Ingiald
  Hazel Vokral
  Gina Zappa
2013 Sarah Hill
  Michael Nelson
  Lori Reid
  Jan Shoemaker
  Gina Zappa
2012 Rick Jacobs
  Laurie Sadowski
2011 Tom Akin
  Bernie Fautch
2010 Jan Shoemaker
  Gina Zappa
2009 Patrick Algyer
  Jill Oswald
2008 Laurie Kelzer
2007 Chris Giamo
  Denise Truso
  Marty Wahoske
2006 Denise Truso
  Gaye Vollrath
2005 Betsy Bohl
  Kari David
  Vickie Mullen
  Becky Ness
  Marty Wahoske